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(no subject)

May. 9th, 2008 | 08:30 am

criss this is ridiculous


82!!! BED-RIDDEN!!!

that's worse than the man having a diabetic episode who crashed his car into someone's yard. he was unconcious and the cops thought he was drunk and passed out. they tasered him, passed out in his car, BEFORE someone noticed his medicalert bracelet and called the paramedics. no one even told the guy he got tasered!

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yay yay yay!

May. 7th, 2008 | 04:01 pm

we're moving back to yukon we're moving back to yukon woo hoo!!

i hate it here! i can't wait to get out of here!

we fly out on the 30th, patsy and all. anyone wanna sublet an apartment in québec city? if not, that's okay. we're just gonna...leave it and not pay rent anymore.

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anal glands

May. 2nd, 2008 | 04:57 pm
music: rod stewart!

uuuuuugh je m'ennui de dawson, ce n'est pas juste que tous mes amis y retournent!!

dawson est comme une conjointe que j'aime tellement, mais qui m'abuse.

on va aller à st-eustache dimanche pour 2 jours. on va rester avec l'amie de ma blonde, qui a un...uh....c'est quoi le mot...toilletage? pour les animaux. alors on va s'occuper de plusieurs sortes d'animaux. et moi je vais regarder comment elle vide les "anal glands" des animaux. dégôut! mais evidement très important. je me demande si je doit vider les glands anals de patsy. j'espere qu'elle le fait elle même.

quoi de neuf...quoi de neuf...je veux pas travailler. je veux pas habiter en ville.

je bois trop. je fume trop de pot.

c'est tout.

ce soir je vais manger chez ashtons. mmmmm poutine.

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(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2008 | 02:30 pm
music: billy holiday

whoa. okay, so it was too much. i've never worked in a restaurant like that. i've fuckin barely ever even eaten in a restaurant like that. it's too bad, because they were willing to form me as a professional server. it feels so pretentious (i forget how to spell that word), so much protocol....i felt large and clumsy and like i'd never worked in a restaurant before. and it was all in another language, en plus.

i woke up this morning having crazy panic attacks, pacing and crying and there was no way i could have gone to that place and worked a full shift tonight.

there were SIXTY (6-0!) different wines on the wine list. wtf?! i am no sommelier.

anyway. i am putting operation job search on hold for a week or two, to get my wits about me. i'm leaning towards housekeeping.

often now, my love and i talk of moving to a nearby ecovillage.


i tell ya, living in a wall tent last summer was a really wonderful, beautiful experience. and it was in a regular campground, so we were surrounded by r.v.'s (one time i saw a man setting up a portable satellite dish on his r.v.). but i like to imagine how incredible it would be to live in a community of people who are commited to building a different kind of future...i imagine it would be tranquil and that i could learn alot...

last night we talked about how we work our asses off just to pay bills. make a little money here and then right away give it to someone else so that we can pay for a roof over our heads to get a good nights sleep to go back to work the next day and make a little bit more money and then give it to someone else to buy food etc etc.

when i was younger, i often thought that i'd like to make my living by just...living. not doing some asshole job to buy shit, but rather grow the shit that i need, or build it or trade for it. it feels like the only fufilling future for me. i imagine working hard in the garden all day with my love, or working on our home or...i don't know...inventing solutions to little daily problems, rather than running out to the fuckin store. i would rather spend my winter spinning wool and making clothes and creating and making love and planning for the next planting season and slowly eating the fruits of my summer labour. i feel like it would be...a hundred times less fear, anxiety, depression...

fuckin anxiety over THINGS. anxiety over inanimate objects and fuckin pieces of paper and metal and plastic and numbers that people give so much worth, for what?

to spend more fuckin money on pills and pot and alcohol to medicate to deaden my journey through each day.


this is not our heritage. it is not our birthright. it's something created to control and pacify and exploit. what if things had gone differently? who do i blame? how do i stop blaming?

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(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2008 | 03:38 pm

whoa! i think i found a job at this really swanky seafood restaurant! i go in tonight for 3 unpaid hours for a try-out, the guy said it's more for me, to see if i like them and want to work there. so it sounds like i basically have the job...wow!

it is called poisson d'avril. i still haven't figured out how to make those arrow-bracket things with this french keyboard (it requires a mysterious combination of keystroke) so i cannot post a link for you, but...

http://www.poissondavril.net/fr/index.asp   that's their website and

http://www.riviera-quebec.com   that's their other restaurant. they told me i would be working between the two.

they're both super close to where i live (like a 5 minute walk) and it's a woman chef which is awesome and the guy who owns the place is a round old hippy with super long grey curly hair.

also today i hemmed a pair of pants for the first time ever, and i have decided that hand sewing is ridiculous and tedious. what else? i'm nervous and excited and damn glad to get this over with quick, instead of a long drawn out job search.

the coolest part is that THEY found ME. emploi québec has this thing where you can register yourself online, with your years of experience, what kind of job you're looking for, your availability etc. and employers can log in and check out everyone listed. that's how they found me! they haven't even posted that they're hiring.

yay! first job in french!

edit...whoa, lj automatically makes links for me. i guess that's the trade off for annoying ad banners.

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(no subject)

Apr. 21st, 2008 | 08:11 am

watched "quest for fire" last night. i love this movie! it's so fascinating, human history. the movie is about the first peoples, in various stages of evolution (both genetic and cultural). some of them already know how to make fire, some of them know they can randomly find it in nature, but have no idea how it's made...the movie is about one band in particular and their (dun dun duuuuuun) QUEST FOR FIRE. it's super interesting...there's no recognizable language in it. they had like...linguists or something develop different languages for each group of people. so good...

anyway i also made a wicked sandwich for dinner last night. i marinated mushrooms (i wanted portobello but there were none) red pepper and zucchini in equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with lots of garlic and salt and pepper. then i "grilled" the vegetables and we had them on toasted ciabatta with pesto mayo and BRIE CHEESE. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. delicious.

yesterday i also made sweet love to my lady, and went shopping and got angry at stores that carry size 0, and deposited what will be the last of my government checks.

in other news, i only have 6 hours of school left, mon atelier de buisness. woo hoo!

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Apr. 19th, 2008 | 03:53 pm

so francine left today on her magical romantical adventure. i will miss francine, as is always the case.

and so i am drinking alone and listening to reggae and smoking pot. i've already made soup, so it has been an assez productive day.

i made roasted potato garlic soup..and i roasted the potatoes with super fresh maple syrup. mmm.

oh francine. francine is so lovable, but her soul is restless and so she never stays long in one place. we are lucky to meet francine, and she appears in the most unexpected places. it's thrilling to recognize francine, to name her (or him) as such. it is an undeniable, indescribable characteristic, or set of characteristics...or just a character, in general. it seems that we must inevitably, regrettably say goodbye to francine...but there is always another one waiting around somewhere, waiting to be named.

i question my own francine-ness lately....or my lack of. i feel i've been particularly lame as of late, and quite frankly, it's getting a bit old.

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think i'm gonna knock on wood

Apr. 15th, 2008 | 03:33 pm

this was the problem with lj. i...

i am interrupted and distracted by this ridiculous computerized goth "woman" flashing her breasts and bedroom eyes at me, telling me to "express myself". WTF?!


last night i watched memoire affective...i think it's english title is "looking for alexander". i thought it was really good. it's about a guy who comes out of a coma with no memory. but it slowly starts coming back in a really weird, confusing way. especially watching it in french, i had to rewind to make sure i didn't miss something. also he picks up other people's memories as a bizarre side effect. other people and...other THINGS. ooooooh.

i handed out my first c.v. in french! i don't know how it went. i had to practically climb a mountain to get there, and so i was all red-faced and wind-blown. la madame m'a souhaité "bonne chance" alors je pense que ça veut dire "non merci". mais on ne sais jamais. it looked kinda stuffy though. and i feel very intimidated by college age pretty waitresses with pony tails and 7 different, subtly blended hair colours. stop! it was fine. fine!

get over it.

what else. i've got evil dead and quest for fire to watch. fun! 

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post script

Apr. 14th, 2008 | 05:04 pm

these ad banners are so bizarre.

franchement, it creeps me out just a little bit.

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Apr. 14th, 2008 | 04:51 pm

cet après midi, j'ai fait mon examen orale. je pense que c'était bien fait. j'ai parlé de la legalisation de la marijuana, la difference entre un anglo-canadien et un anglo des états unis, et comment on doit "raise" (faire grandir? aucune idée) nos enfants. et d'autres choses aussi.

it's very beautiful outside today. our apartment windows got cleaned yesterday and i'm still amazed at the difference.

what else? oh yeah. imagine the world if cars had never been invented. cars and...aeorplanes. there would be lots more trees i think, and it would be much cleaner looking and there would probably be less people, too.  and it would be easier to get around. i bet i could get to school much faster if i didn't have to do so many things for the benefit of the cars. also if there weren't so many buildings.


i don't know. i think i've got cavities.

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