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Apr. 14th, 2008 | 04:51 pm

cet après midi, j'ai fait mon examen orale. je pense que c'était bien fait. j'ai parlé de la legalisation de la marijuana, la difference entre un anglo-canadien et un anglo des états unis, et comment on doit "raise" (faire grandir? aucune idée) nos enfants. et d'autres choses aussi.

it's very beautiful outside today. our apartment windows got cleaned yesterday and i'm still amazed at the difference.

what else? oh yeah. imagine the world if cars had never been invented. cars and...aeorplanes. there would be lots more trees i think, and it would be much cleaner looking and there would probably be less people, too.  and it would be easier to get around. i bet i could get to school much faster if i didn't have to do so many things for the benefit of the cars. also if there weren't so many buildings.


i don't know. i think i've got cavities.

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