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think i'm gonna knock on wood

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Apr. 15th, 2008 | 03:33 pm

this was the problem with lj. i...

i am interrupted and distracted by this ridiculous computerized goth "woman" flashing her breasts and bedroom eyes at me, telling me to "express myself". WTF?!


last night i watched memoire affective...i think it's english title is "looking for alexander". i thought it was really good. it's about a guy who comes out of a coma with no memory. but it slowly starts coming back in a really weird, confusing way. especially watching it in french, i had to rewind to make sure i didn't miss something. also he picks up other people's memories as a bizarre side effect. other people and...other THINGS. ooooooh.

i handed out my first c.v. in french! i don't know how it went. i had to practically climb a mountain to get there, and so i was all red-faced and wind-blown. la madame m'a souhaité "bonne chance" alors je pense que ça veut dire "non merci". mais on ne sais jamais. it looked kinda stuffy though. and i feel very intimidated by college age pretty waitresses with pony tails and 7 different, subtly blended hair colours. stop! it was fine. fine!

get over it.

what else. i've got evil dead and quest for fire to watch. fun! 

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