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Apr. 24th, 2008 | 03:38 pm

whoa! i think i found a job at this really swanky seafood restaurant! i go in tonight for 3 unpaid hours for a try-out, the guy said it's more for me, to see if i like them and want to work there. so it sounds like i basically have the job...wow!

it is called poisson d'avril. i still haven't figured out how to make those arrow-bracket things with this french keyboard (it requires a mysterious combination of keystroke) so i cannot post a link for you, but...

http://www.poissondavril.net/fr/index.asp   that's their website and

http://www.riviera-quebec.com   that's their other restaurant. they told me i would be working between the two.

they're both super close to where i live (like a 5 minute walk) and it's a woman chef which is awesome and the guy who owns the place is a round old hippy with super long grey curly hair.

also today i hemmed a pair of pants for the first time ever, and i have decided that hand sewing is ridiculous and tedious. what else? i'm nervous and excited and damn glad to get this over with quick, instead of a long drawn out job search.

the coolest part is that THEY found ME. emploi québec has this thing where you can register yourself online, with your years of experience, what kind of job you're looking for, your availability etc. and employers can log in and check out everyone listed. that's how they found me! they haven't even posted that they're hiring.

yay! first job in french!

edit...whoa, lj automatically makes links for me. i guess that's the trade off for annoying ad banners.

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